Our "Spanish as a Foreign Language" program is aimed to all those who want to learn Spanish surrounded by a welcoming and pedagogically stable environment. Our Institute is located in Sucre, the Constitutional Capital of Bolivia, a wonderful city, surrounded by art and culture and characterized by its historical, colonial and academic atmosphere.

Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching Spanish. Most are teachers of the language career of the "Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca", with special studies in German, English and French.

The classes


A lesson lasts 45 min.

A total of up to 8 lessons per day can be spent, according to the needs and preferences of the applicant. In general, we attach importance to students receiving both grammar and conversation classes according to their specific level of Spanish proficiency, so that they can interact and communicate directly in everyday life. The student can also suggest the contents and teaching procedures, if they wish to.

Costs per lesson


  • US $ 7.50 per lesson and person (individual classes)
  • US $ 5.00 per lesson and person (2 people)
  • US $  3.50 per lesson and person (3 people)
  • US $  2.50 per lesson and person (4 or more people)



We recommend to take a minimum of 12 lessons and we offer an initial language test to determine your level of proficiency. One free hour is received for every 16 lessons. We also deliver 4 vouchers for tea, coffee or lemonade.


The Institute offers assistance to find accommodation in high-class hotels and families in the city. The prices per night, including a good breakfast are:

     In hotels with an agreement: from US $ 25.00 per person

     In families: US $ 15.00 per person ** approx. 100.- Bolivianos (Bs)



Complementary activities

These are developed through the Institute's own activities program and may include: Visits, concerts, excursions, encounters, meditation, dance, cooking in groups, etc.


The library offers extensive material in Spanish, German and some in English. This is thought to support the teaching and to complement the practice of the language in general. We have books, magazines, newspapers and audiovisual material. Internet access (PC) and WiFi is free of charge.