Our programme ''Spanish as a Foreign Language''

This programme is directed towards those who wish to learn Spanish in a friendly and academic atmosphere. Our Institute is situated in the center of Sucre, the Constitutional Capital of Bolivia, a place which is definitely worth a longer stay (''vale un Potosí''). Historically, colonially and academically formed, it offers a lot of attractions for the interested tourist.

Our staff

Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching Spanish. Most of them are members of the language department of the local ''Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontifícia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca''. The speak either English, German or French as their first foreign language.

The lessons

One lesson corresponds to 45 min.
You can attend up to as many as 8 lessons per day, according to your own preferences. Basically we put a lot of emphasis on teaching grammar as well as conversation to our students on their very personal level, so that they can communicate with others quick and directly in every day life situations. The student also has direct influence on the planning of the lessons if he/she wishes to do so.

Costs of the Spanish lessons

7,50 $US per lesson (individual course)
5,00 $US per lesson and person (2 persons)
3,50 $US per lesson and person (3 persons)
2,50 $US per lesson and person (4 or more persons)

Additional costs

For students who enrol on a course from abroad and/or through institutions/agencies, the registration fee amounts to 25 $US. For those who register directly in the Institute, the fee is 10 $US for the first 50 lessons.
The prices are valid from 2018


A minimum of 12 lessons is recommended. To establish your level of fluency, we offer you a placement test on arrival. One free lesson is offered as well for each 16 hours.
Moreover, you will receive four vouchers for tea or coffee or lemonade.


The Institute offers assistance in finding comfortable accommodation. You may stay at one of our reasonable contract hotels or with a family. Prices for a single room including a good breakfast are:
Hotel with agreement: from 25,00 $US per person
In families: 15,00 $US per person*

*aprox. 100,00 Bolivian Bolivianos (Bs)

Further activities

Museum visits, concerts, excursions, meetings, meditation, dances, cooking in groups etc. depending on the current cultural programme of our Institute and on the wishes of the participants.


The library offers a wide range of publications, newspapers and magazines in Spanish, German and some in English. It is meant to accompany the lessons as well as to be at the general disposal of anyone interested in reading it. Internet access (PC) and WiFi is cost free.